The Hubbard Place Resident Service Program strives to provide educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities to the youth, teens, adult, and senior residents of our community. With the sponsorship of  the 3500 14th Street, N.W. Tenant Association and the owners, we hope to meet the social needs of our residents and offer tools for residents to enhance their quality of life and to encourage learning and self-development. 

The goals of our programs are the following:

  • To improve academic achievement for those in school
  • To provide job skills for those capable of entering the job market
  • To improve the quality of life to those who are retired or disabled
  • To create a healthier and more sustainable community
  • To provide social service referrals to those who suffer from abuse, neglect, drug addiction, or other dependencies

We provide opportunities for change and growth through the various services and activities that we offer. We believe the strong sense of pride and community of our residents is shown through their selection of high quality programs and services that they have asked us to implement.

A few successes from the past year:

  • We prevented summer learning loss for 100% of  our 30 camp participants; all either maintained or improved in both reading and math. 
  • Over 65 youth received book bags in preparation for the academic year!

  • We assisted over 27 residents in getting a new job!

  • We provided funding to assist 3 residents with continuing their education at local colleges, trade schools, and training workshops this year; 17 residents have received scholarships to date.

  • We built a new on-site community garden which is run by the resident community gardening club.

  • We provided over 3,500 referrals to residents to connect them with programs in services in the DC area.

Please look through our programs listings to learn more about our specific program and scholarship opportunities!