Hubbard Place Resident Services strives to provide programs and activities that offer educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities to youth, teens, adults, and seniors. It is our goal to enhance the quality of life of residents living in at Hubbard Place and the surrounding community.

The goals of our programs are the following:

  • To improve academic achievement for those in school

  • To provide job skills for those capable of entering the job market

  • To improve the quality of life to those who are retired or disabled

  • To create a healthier and more sustainable community

  • To provide social service referrals to those who suffer from abuse, neglect, drug addiction, or other dependencies

We provide opportunities for change and growth through the various services and activities that we offer. We believe the strong sense of pride and community of our residents is shown through their selection of high quality programs and services that they have asked us to implement.

We seek to educate and empower the community through the following programs we offer:

  • After school tutoring and enrichment programs held daily in our community center

  • Job readiness, GED study, and job skills training

  • Health and wellness education workshops

  • Computer literacy education held weekly in our computer lab

  • Community Garden Workshops

  • Senior programs: fitness, nutrition, computer literacy, arts & crafts

  • Financial literacy education: budgeting, savings, credit counseling

  • Youth summer program

Program Outcomes and Evaluation:

Outcomes measurement is an essential component of our program design. Feeling successful requires learning, achievement, and measurement. Our programs are linked to specific goals and use unique “success measures” to help participants and staff perceive progress.